Planning for 2021

Whew! 2020 was such a ride. The small tribe here survived some hurdles and some are ongoing. We managed to make improvements on our small homestead, start some raised bed gardens, get a disabled family member moved in, stock supplies and not get COVID in the process. Best of all, due to working from home, we all were able to spend more time together.

Our plans currently include expanding the raised beds, enlarging the outdoor community circle (with safe social distancing), more home improvements and working on forming our non profit. Employment is in flux due to COVID, so we will see where that leads us.

There has been more time for self care, planning, meditation, soul searching and establishing personal/communal goals. These are basic things we should demand/set apart time for as part of the “new norm” when the pandemic has ended (please wear masks and get the vaccine as soon as you are allowed to do so in order to help it end!)

The immediate project will be starting some seedlings for the garden. March will be here before we know it. Fruitfulness takes planning. What are your goals? Who is your community and how will you grow?

Written by Lady Ursa.